Estimates, approval and confirmation, dates, and contracts

Once we have gathered all the necessary information regarding our approach to your floor, we will begin to assemble an estimate, or quote. In the estimate you can expect to see items such as the job scope overview, a brief description of the work to be completed, measurement totals (in square feet), prices per square foot or item, as well a list of pertinent notes and options. Our goal is to give you an estimate that is simple and concise, yet detailed and descriptive.

If the job scope includes any installation of wood flooring, included in the estimate will be “prep,” “wood” and “installation” details. These are a description of what will be done to prep your subfloor, the specifications of your wood flooring, and the method of installation used. For sand and finish, included will be “sanding” and “finishing” details, which briefly describe the sanding process used, and the type and amount of finish applied after staining.

The last section of the estimate includes “Notes” and “Options.” “Notes” lists important information regarding your floor and our process – things we think you should know and be aware of – to make the process of receiving your new floor as smooth and simple as possible. If the estimate includes an “Options” section, here you’ll find a list of extra work, materials, upgrades, etc., that can be added to your job scope if you so choose. Often, these are items that may not be necessary or crucial to the quality of a job, but are listed to make the customer aware of extra possibilities and/or recommendations for their flooring.

Once you review our estimate and choose to move forward, we discuss the scheduling of your project. Most likely, the communication will be handled by our secretary, Ginni. Our installation and/or sand and finish schedulers do their best to give you the dates you desire. Note: Typically, we are scheduled 4-6 weeks out, although depending on the size of the project, we may be able to fit in certain jobs sooner. When dates have been chosen and confirmed, we schedule the project and send a contract. The contract contains the final scope of work to be completed along with pricing, with an additional page that includes important information to be read by the customer. If in agreement with the terms of the contract, it should be signed, dated, and returned to Caliber along with the appropriate deposit amount.

Next time, we’ll tell you what to expect when your job begins.