Installation and sand and finish

After the aforementioned steps of initial contact, sales call or walk-through, estimate, dates, and contract, it’s finally time for your project to begin! Caliber’s installation and sand and finish technicians bring skill, knowledge, and professionalism to every job. We do everything we can to work within your daily time frame, minimize dust, communicate, answer questions, and ensure you’ll be well pleased with the final product. For more on installation and sand and finish details and FAQ (frequently asked questions), go to our “FAQ” page. Here, you’ll find a lot of helpful content and useful information.

Depending on your preference, our crews usually arrive no earlier than 8am, and may work until approximately 4pm. With permission, we may come earlier and stay later, depending on the time frame of the project. Our goal is to be as flexible as possible to accommodate what is most convenient for our customers.

For installation, we most often set up our saws and arrange our tools outside or in the garage to minimize dust and clutter in the home or building. If you desire to have any content (such as furniture) covered by plastic or drop cloths, or even a zip-wall to divide certain areas, we are able to accommodate. For sand and finish, the sanding equipment is hooked up to our top-of-the-line dust containment system, which minimizes dust during our sanding process. Our technicians help the customer in choosing a stain selection, and often will sample a few different colors after the wood has been sanded. Before applying stain and finish, we communicate dry times – how long to stay off the floor, how long to wait to move furniture, etc. (again, see “FAQ” for more information).

Our crew leaders and technicians, as well as those at the office, are more than happy to answer any questions and address any concerns at any point during these processes. With every project, our primary concern is twofold: with the floor it is quality, and with the customer it is satisfaction. Implementation of our processes and procedures with a focus on quality and customer service is our objective. Let us show you what that looks like by allowing us to give you the wood floor you’ve been wanting!