Initial contact, sales calls, and walk-throughs

At Caliber Hardwood Floors, Inc., we have established a system that enables customers to receive the service they deserve, and the floor they desire. An individual, contractor, or homeowner interested in our services can expect customer service that goes above and beyond the status quo. Caliber, owned and managed by Bob Snyder, employs a secretary, estimator, and two crews of technicians – installation and sand and finish – strives to meet all of your needs from the first phone call, to the first sales call, to the first and through completion of your project, and beyond.

When calling the office at Caliber from 8am – 4pm on weekdays, one can expect to have the phone answered (most likely by our secretary, Ginni). If you’re a homeowner or contractor calling about replacing, refinishing or repairing an existing floor, or having a wood floor installed in a new home, then someone will be there to answer. You may be asked to provide some basic contact information, and a brief description of what you’d like to have done. We will set up a sales call or walk-through for your home or building to assess the best way to meet your needs. Emailing is also a convenient way to get in touch with us, especially for contractors sending a job scope with info, specs, and prints. Our lead estimator, Nielsen, handles information for any jobs directly from contractors.

For homeowners, we will set up a time to have someone come to your home and discuss what you would like to have done. Most likely it will be Bob, the company owner. Our sales person will talk through all of the options available to you, answer your questions, take measurements, examine the floor, jot down notes, and so on. For contractors, if all the information is available via email, then there may not be the need to examine the site in person (especially if the project has yet to begin). In most cases, a site-visit is recommended after the initial estimate, and before the starting date to confirm the job scope, info, specs, measurements, etc., though it may not always be necessary.

At Caliber Hardwood Floors, we take pride in our concentration on communication: answering the phone, responding to emails, coming to look at your project, taking time to listen to the customer or contractor, evaluating needs, and presenting what we determine to be the best solutions concerning processes, products, and procedures. We love working with our customers, and are thrilled at the opportunity to earn your business.

Next time, we will discuss the following steps in our process: estimates, approval and confirmation, dates, and contracts.